Episode #29 – Color of Money

Tom Cruise month continues with COLOR OF MONEY!

Episode #28 – Cocktail

Michael, Glen, and a special guest discuss their first Elizabeth Shue movie – COCKTAIL.


The Awesome 80s Podcast and The Old School Wrestling Podcast COLLIDE in this SUPERCAST of EPIC PROPORTIONS to review the cinematic classic NO HOLDS BARRED starring Oscar award winning Terry Gene Bollea.

Episode #26 – Nightmare on Elm Street

Lawrence and Michael discuss the 80s horror classic NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.

Episode #25 – The Breakfast Club

Holy Technical Nightmare, it’s our 25th EPISODE!@ In honor of this very special occasion, Glen and Michael break out THE BREAKFAST CLUB.

Episode #24 – Major League

This is the greatest episode of A80P of all time. If you tend to download this podcast and forget to listen to it LISTEN TO THIS ONE. It will BLOW YOUR MIND.