Episode #26 – Nightmare on Elm Street

Lawrence and Michael discuss the 80s horror classic NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET.

Episode #25 – The Breakfast Club

Holy Technical Nightmare, it’s our 25th EPISODE!@ In honor of this very special occasion, Glen and Michael break out THE BREAKFAST CLUB.

Episode #24 – Major League

This is the greatest episode of A80P of all time. If you tend to download this podcast and forget to listen to it LISTEN TO THIS ONE. It will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Episode #23 – Who’s That Girl

Michael and Glen talk about some movie with Madonna and that hot new sandwich THE DOUBLE DOWN.

Episode #22 – Rocky IV

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAULIE! The movie that ended the Cold War. Featuring a very special guest host: DRE.

Episode #21: Corey Haim, License to Drive, Me, Myself and I

In this truly epic episode of A80P, Michael and Glen discuss the life and times of Mr. Haim, his classic “License to Drive,” and dive deep into the obscure Corey Haim auto-biographical documentary “My, Myself, and I.” If you want to know a little more about the psyche of our podcast hosts, you really start with Corey Haim.