Episode #20: Maid to Order

Ally Sheedy. Beverly D’Angelo. Does it get more 80s than this? Lawrence and Michael review the 1987 romantic comedy MAID TO ORDER@!

Episode #19: Weird Science

Michael and Lawrence break down Weird Science and state their cases regarding which film is better: Weird Science or Real Genius. And there’s plenty of discussion regarding Mama’s Family. And Lawrence gets really angry.

Episode #18: Mannequin

An…interesting…episode of the a80p as Lawrence and Michael get real about this 1987 romantic classic. Very real.

Episode #17 – Cloak & Dagger, more Oscar talk, CODs, Taco Bell Mild Sauce

Michael and Lawrence review the Dabney Coleman classic, Cloak & Dagger, as selected by Rich DeBarba, host of the Team Ubermensch podcast (http://teamubermensch.podbean.com) and review this year’s Oscar awards.

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Episode 016 – The Big Chill, Car Visors, Rax’s Roast Beef, and Zayre Gut

It’s the OSCAR THROWDOWN! Michael and Lawrence get deep with The Big Chill.


We here at the Awesome 80s podcast cast enjoy getting your feedback. Recently we have received feedback regarding our decision to do Real Genius over Weird Science and our comments regarding the two. So let’s put it to a poll! Would you like to see the Awesome 80s podcast review Weird Science? Please vote yes or no in the poll on the top right side of the website. Thanks!@