Episode # 111 – About Last Night…

About_last_night_posterAbout Last Night… – Michael and Lawrence celebrate random sexual hookups in this weeks episode about men, women, choices, friendship, love, last night… Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Jim Belushi and more, check it out. This is our preemptive strike to review this film before the new Keven Hart film with the same name comes out.About


Episode # 110 – Hoosiers

hoo2Hoosiers – Put on your All Stars and gear up for B-ball playoff time with Michael and Lawrence. We discuss Dennis Hopper, Gene Hackman, and the 1952 Indiana High School State Championships.They needed a second chance to finish first. Please check out these fans of the movie and their youtube video 25 years later! hoos

Episode # 109 – The Wizard

wizkidThe Wizard – Michael, Lawrence and friend of the show Nathan discuss Fred Savage and a gamers favorite. We go on a cross country adventure on a quest for Nintendo glory. What could be there along the way? A power glove? A new love? Super Mario Bros. III? Tune in to find out. It’s more than a game… It’s the chance of a lifetime.pglove


Episode # 108 – Punchline

Punchline – Michael and Lawrence discuss this 80’s Oscar bate contender. Tom Hanks and Sally Field join forces in this tour de force of 80’s Comedy. The 80’s had many films that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences praised, this is not one of them. We also discuss our Oscar Pics for this year. It only hurts when you LAUGH! Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.punch

Episode # 107 – Stripes

stripesStripes – Michael and Lawrence discuss this Bill Murray Classic. We follow John Winger as he does his part to serve his country in the U.S. Army. The brave platoon is chosen to start up the EM-50 project and go gallivanting all over Europe. The story of a man who wanted to keep the world safe for democracy…and meet girls.

Episode # 106 – Troop Beverly Hills

shellyTroop Beverly Hills – Join Michael Lawrence and Cari as we discuss what it was like to be a twelve year old girl selling girl scout cookies. Phyllis, a Beverly Hills housewife, is in the middle of a divorce, she tries to find focus in her life by taking over her daughter Hannah’s Wilderness Girl troop. We discuss binge eating mass quantities of cookies, Ron Jeremy’s Penis and much more. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!