Episode #171 – Soul Man

l_91991_a9435591Soul Man – Michael & Lawrence change it up by reviewing a movie torn from current headlines, the 1986 docudrama Soul Man. This movie allows them to discuss current social issues that effect us living in these modern confusing times. Mostly though it will be dick & fart jokes. So tune in! A comedy with heart and soul. Mark needs a scholarship to get into Harvard. There’s one more available for a black student. The problem is Mark’s not black… Yet. He didn’t give up. He got down.soul1

Episode # 101 – Red Dawn

Red Dawn – Michael, Lawrence, and world famous writer Michael Patterson sit down and discuss Reganomics and the military industrial complex. Please join us as we have fun remembering how great it was to hate all Russian People. The invading armies planned for everything – except for eight kids called “The Wolverines.”