Episode #183 – Witness

large_pQZa314NJP3ieMAj6CgPI1v7nUYWitness – Michael and Lawrence are taking it old school, like way old school; before the invention of electricity old school. Lawrence does not know what a Hydrospanner is used for. He is clueless when it comes to the Alluvial dampers, and I know he hasn’t the foggiest idea about the Kessel Run. There is no way that he would ever discuss the Holy Trilogy so here is this Harrison Ford film instead. Harrison Ford is John Book, a big city cop who knows too much. His only evidence: a small boy who’s seen too much… 8 year old Samuel; the sole witness to a murder. Three killers who’ll stop at nothing to silence him. One honest cop who’ll give his life to save him…witness1


Episode # 157 – Lethal Weapon

lethal_weapon_by_anthonygeoffroy-d30oudhLethal Weapon – Michael and Lawrence have a very special holiday episode, returning special guest host Bobbie Jo joins for the review of the original 1987 Lethal Weapon. Please forgive us and our drunken holiday fever. It is only once in a great while that we get to podcast together and we wanted to take full advantage of that. Two cops. Glover carries a weapon. Gibson is one. He’s the only L.A. cop registered as a LETHAL WEAPONleth1.

Episode # 112 – Lethal Weapon 2

lethal_weapon_two_ver2Lethal Weapon 2 – Michael and Lawrence follow Riggs and Murtaugh as they try to clean up the streets of L.A. and protect it from South African drug dealers. The magic is back! in this sequel, come along for the ride. If your in the mood for the newest sequel check out Lethal Weapon 5!