Episode #221 – The Cannonball Run

The Cannonball Run – Lawrence and Michael decide to take their own Cannonball Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash on this show. We go through a racist, sexist romp of a film and repeatedly tell ourselves it’s the 80s so its okay. Please come along with us on this adventure with this unreasonably famous cast. You’ll root for them all…but you’ll never guess who wins.

Episode #211 – Smokey and the Bandit

no398-my-smokey-and-the-bandits-minimal-movie-poster-chungkong-artSmokey and the Bandit – Michael and Lawrence up the horsepower celebrating everything mustache and everything 70s man. Time to take to the road, for a quiet little drive in the country…or not. “What we have here is a total lack of respect for the law!” It’s Burt Reynolds, Sally Field and Jackie Gleason, in high gear and hot water! Meet Bo Darville, aka, “The Bandit.” Smokies (Cops) hate him. Guys dig him. And even girls can’t get enough of him!Print