Awesome 80′s Interview – Walter Olkewicz


Walter Olkewicz – Actor from every single 80′s TV show you can think of, Walter Olkewicz, joined the Awesome 80′s crew to discuss his entire career. He worked with Ted Danson, John Candy, Harry Anderson and more. The television shows that you loved as a child all had appearances by Walter. He shares with us some lovely anecdotes about his career and where his is now. Also, Walter is searching for help and was hoping that we the Awesome 80′s fans could bless him with a gift of precious medicine for his leg. Thanks for listening!walter-1

Episode # 147 – Summer Rental

protectedimageSummer Rental – Michael, Lawrence and other Michael discuss the great American beach vacation. We travel with John Candy and family, not to the north woods, but to the gulf coast this time. Jack Chester rents a home for an entire month then ends up fighting Col. Samuel Trautman in a good old fashion boat race.

Episode # 144 – Who’s Harry Crumb?

harrycrumbWho’s Harry Crumb? – Michael and Lawrence discuss this John Candy Classic. Crumb is a bumbling and inept private investigator who is hired to solve the kidnapping of a young heiress which he’s not expected to solve because his employer is the mastermind behind the kidnapping. Don’t forget Annie’s Panties! Nerves of steel. Body of iron. Brain of stone.crumb2

Episode # 127 – Brewster’s Millions

brewBrewster’s Millions – An American excess story. Michael and Lawrence are in the business of doing business with their review this week. This film is full of cameo’s, Hume Cronyn, Jerry Orbach and Yakov Smirnoff. He has 30 million to spend in 30 days – and he’s doing it in the craziest, funniest way ever! Your Basic Riches-To-Rags Comedy!brew 2


Episode # 123 – Volunteers

tom2Volunteers – Michael and Lawrence discuss Tom Hanks, John Candy, and his soon to be bride Rita Wilson. In the early 60’s american idealists fueled by JFK’s new Camelot joined the Peace Corps. Ready or not, here they come. Tom Hanks and John Candy are building a bridge between two cultures… even if no one wants it.tom

Episode # 107 – Stripes

stripesStripes – Michael and Lawrence discuss this Bill Murray Classic. We follow John Winger as he does his part to serve his country in the U.S. Army. The brave platoon is chosen to start up the EM-50 project and go gallivanting all over Europe. The story of a man who wanted to keep the world safe for democracy…and meet girls.