Episode #217 – The Toy

The Toy – Michael, Lawrence and Award Winning Sometime Guest Host Josh get to know what it is like to be bought and sold as a commodity. When Jackie Gleason Told His Son He Could Have Any Present He Wanted, He Picked The Most Outrageous Gift Of All… Richard Pryor. On one of his bratty son Eric’s annual visits, the plutocrat U.S. Bates has Ned Betty take him to his department store and offers him anything in it as a gift. Eric chooses a black janitor who has made him laugh with his antics.f6f557dbddd0cd0e1165a5a0bf5ff76c--richard-pryor-vinyl-figures

Episode #195 – Stir Crazy

stircrazyt081310Stir Crazy – Michael and Lawrence spends come time with Gene and Richard as they get themselves arrested and forced to Rodeo. The two eastern boys are having difficulty adjusting to the new life in prison until the warden finds that one of them has a natural talent for riding broncos with the inter-prison rodeo coming up. Only these two pigeons could dress up as woodpeckers…stir-crazy-movie-poster-1980-1020240924

Episode # 127 – Brewster’s Millions

brewBrewster’s Millions – An American excess story. Michael and Lawrence are in the business of doing business with their review this week. This film is full of cameo’s, Hume Cronyn, Jerry Orbach and Yakov Smirnoff. He has 30 million to spend in 30 days – and he’s doing it in the craziest, funniest way ever! Your Basic Riches-To-Rags Comedy!brew 2