Episode #232- The Rock-afire Explosion Part 1

The Rock-afire Explosion – Michael and Lawrence sit down to share and remember what it is like to be afraid of a robot gorilla. A cult fan favorite documentary which explores the rise and fall of Showbiz Pizza Place, it’s animatronic rock band, and the origins of Chuck E. Cheese’s. A rockumentary for the kid at heart.

They Live – Rewind

They Live-You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they’re people just like you. You’re wrong. Dead wrong. Michael Lawrence and the host’s of The Old School Wrestling Podcast dissect with glee the John Carpenter Classic.

80′s Tag Team Wrestlers – Rewind

download (1)80′s Tag Team Wrestlers  – Michael Lawrence and the Old School Podcast Wrestling Crew Discuss the best of 80’s tag team wrestling. On our way back from WrestleMania we discuss the ups and downs from our trip and decide if the Road Warriors were the best tag team of all time. download (2)

Andy Kaufman – Rewind – I’m from Hollywood

andy 4
I’m from Hollywood – Wraslin’ in the 80’s with Andy Kaufman! Michael and Lawrence join forces with the Oldschool Wrestling podcast over the WrestleMania weekend. We travel back to celebrate Memphis Wrestling and Women’s Wrestling Champion of the World Andy Kaufman.



Zubaz and Fanny Packs

Zubaz and Fanny Packs – Michael and Lawrence discuss what it means to be a stylish adult man in todays world. If you are a fan of comfort and style you will love or have loved the style that is Zubaz pants and fanny packs. This is a must listen episode. If you thought in the past that, Hey why did all the pro-wrestlers all wear Zubaz back in the day? There is a direct link from these fancy pants to the tag-team from the 80’s The Road Warriors. We also discuss our upcoming trip to Wrestlemania and the aftermath of the Recording of last years show Over the Top I and Over the Top II. Enjoy!!

Over the Top – Rewind

s-l300Over the Top – Michael and Lawrence decide to not meet anyone halfway, unless you consider the them sitting in with the Old School Wrestling Podcast half way? There was a Mann by the name of Lincoln Hawk and for his entire life he made his way across the country riding a 18 wheeler arm wrestling just to make ends meet. Some fight for money… Some fight for glory… He’s fighting for his son’s love. Rocky, Rambo, Cobra and now Hawk, in the biggest fight of his life.over_the_top_stallone