Episode # 125 – Fast Times at Rigdemont High

spicFast Times at Rigdemont High – Celebrate our Quasquicentennial episode with the film the set the standards for all 80’s film to come. Michael and Lawrence visit the gang at Ridgemont, Spicoli, Rat, Brad, Stacey and Damone. At Ridgemont High Only the Rules get Busted! It’s Awesome! Totally Awesome!

fast 2

Episode # 124 – Plain Clothes

plain 2Plain Clothes – Michael and Glen give you their ultimate count down of the essential films of the 80’s! We go back to high school to down some brews and scope some Bettys’ with Nick Springsteen, no relation, who is trying to prove his brother innocent of a crime he did not commit. This film is barely available on VHS so wherever you can find it watch it. Please if you haven’t watched Plain Clothes please do, free online.plain

Episode # 123 – Volunteers

tom2Volunteers – Michael and Lawrence discuss Tom Hanks, John Candy, and his soon to be bride Rita Wilson. In the early 60’s american idealists fueled by JFK’s new Camelot joined the Peace Corps. Ready or not, here they come. Tom Hanks and John Candy are building a bridge between two cultures… even if no one wants it.tom

Awesome 80s PodShort – EW’s Tops 100’s

high tops2

EW’s Tops 100’s – Michael and Lawrence discuss the Entertainment Weekly’ s recent magazine. We discuss the best movies and TV show of all time in only the way we can do it! Some of what we said has something to do with the 80’s, and most of it doesn’t. Enjoy!! high tops

Episode # 122 – Three Men and a Baby

threeThree Men and a Baby – Michael and Lawrence rediscover this forgotten treasure about some dudes and an unknown baby. Do not worry the conspiracy of the ghost child is discussed extensively!?! Peter, Michael and Jack know a thing or two about women. But when it comes to babies, they’re all wet. They changed her diapers. She changed their lives.threemenandababy_poster

Episode # 121 – The Pick Up Artist

mollyThe Pick Up Artist – Michael and Lawrence touch base with Iron man and Andie Walsh. We review a story of a man-whore who learns the errors of his ways. We also discuss some of Robert Downey Jr.’s baggage as well. The Pick-Up Artist… has finally met his match.pickup